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Reboot – You’ll Feel Better

Oct 01, 2007
Category Technology

For the last 20 years the solution to at least 50% of my computer problems is “reboot.”  Interestingly this is no longer a PC problem.  While working on getting Amy’s Mac set up this weekend, I rebooted TWICE.  I rebooted (turn off – wait 15 seconds – turn back on) my car this morning when the radio didn’t come on.  I had to reboot my iPod this morning because it was frozen.  My Garmin watch needed rebooting on Friday because – hell – I don’t know.  The solution to the problem with my new Sony PS/3 – unplug it and plug it back in.  Troubleshooting tip #1 on my new Dish HD receiver – turn it off and turn it back on.  Don’t even get me started about my Vista boxes.

I put this in the category of “fucking stupid.”  It’s not going to work to have to reboot my consciousness 20 years from now.