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Defrag Is Exceeding My Expectations

Nov 05, 2007
Category Education

I’ve often said in the past that I’m not a conference guy so I recognize the irony of me helping organize a conference.  Eric Norlin did all the work and as we head into the home stretch of day one of Defrag, I’m blown away.  The quality of the attendees is stunning and the panels and side discussions are fascinating.

David Weinberger took us on a romp through his mind, Alex Iskold (AdaptiveBlue) discussed structured attention, Greg Reinacker (NewsGator) covered RSS in the enterprise, and Michael Barrett (Paypal’s CISO) told us why we are totally screwed.

Esther Dyson is up now, having followed a rapid fire presentation by Dick Hardt (on Identity).  Esther just suggested that Facebook is encouraging extreme narcissicm, which I identify with.  We’ve still got Doc Searls and Ross Mayfield (congrats Ross on your financing) to go before drinks.