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Gold Systems Joins the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

Nov 03, 2007

I’d like to welcome and thank my friends at Gold Systems for joining The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado.

Terry Gold – the co-founder of Gold Systems – was one of the first entrepreneurs that I met in early 1996 shortly after Amy and I moved to Boulder.  At the time Gold Systems was about 15 people.  Terry, his partner Jim, and I went for plenty of long walks in 1996 and 1997 as they tried to navigate the waters of growing a young business.  As I got to know Terry better, he came to epitomize the ideal of a thoughtful and generous entrepreneur and person.

Through Mobius, I invested in Gold Systems in 2000.  Terry and his team grew quickly after the investment but then had to struggle with the telecommunications downturn in 2002.  Due to Terry and his team’s perseverance, they survived and have gone on to build a solid member of the Boulder tech community.

I’m proud of what Terry and the team at Gold Systems have accomplished.  I’m very pleased that have chosen to become a member of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado.  Thanks Gold Systems.