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I Have Some Intense New Comments for You

Nov 12, 2007
Category Writing

I love blog comments – I think of them as the Dark Matter of the Blogosphere.   I haven’t been able to get an accurate count of the total number of comments floating around – my guess is that there are somewhere between 1 billion and 10 billion.  That’s a lot of comments.

I’ve also talked about The 80-19-1 Rule in the past.  In blogging, the 1% are the bloggers, the 19% are the commenters, and the 80% are the readers.  However, up to this point, the tools for the 19% suck. 

One of the TechStars companies – Intense Debate – worked on a comment replacement system this summer.  They’ve officially launched and are now up on about 1,000 blogs, including Feld Thoughts.  Give it a spin and tell me what you think (in a comment, of course.)