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Jared Polis in Iraq

Nov 21, 2007
Category Government

I was at a meeting with the other two TechStars founders yesterday (David Cohen and David Brown) to discuss some new and exciting things around TechStars 2008.  Jared wasn’t there and in a sudden burst of amazing observation skills, I asked “where’s Jared?”

Both David’s chimed in an said “he’s in Iraq.”  I had one of those moments where you pause and process the words to try to make meaning of them.  Then I remembered that Jared was going to Iraq for Thanksgiving to support the United Way’s efforts to assist in the development of nonprofit and humanitarian organizations.  He’s blogging his trip and starts with a thought provoking post titled My Arrival in Amman, Jordan.

Jared is a long time friend (he was one of the first 10 people I got to know when I moved here – thanks Dave for the introduction.)  I have huge respect and adoration for Jared and am delighted he’s running for Congress.  Amy and I are big supporters and believe Jared is one of the clearest thinking, most principled, and true to his values person currently running for office today.  While I don’t agree with 100% of Jared’s positions, I know he’ll always listen, learn, express his point of view, and engage in every discussion.

If you are a voter in Colorado’s 2nd district, I encourage you to get to know Jared.  If you are a supporter, please donate to his campaign (any amount is helpful.)  And – if you are interested in participating in Thanksgiving in Iraq from the comfort of your home, follow the blog.