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Phew – Time to Go Home

Nov 18, 2007

I’m sitting at the W Hotel in Union Square as Amy packs up.  We are finally heading home to Boulder after being on the road for 10 days.  We had an awesome time this week in Manhattan – one of our favorite cities away from home.  But – we are both fried from full days and awesome dinners / late nights.  Plus, our pants are tight.

Earlier this week I had a fascinating couple of hours with some smart friends talking about email.  Two hours later, we had a lot more questions and things to think about.  Some of the thoughts are up on the blogs of Fred Wilson, Tom Evslin, and Jeff Pulver.  Fred’s insight that we are really taking about "messaging", not "email" is an important one.

I just heard them say the word "delicious" on TV and my brain parsed it as  I just went out in the hallway of the fifth floor and told the three kids running around yelling at each other to chill out a little.  Time to go home.