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Rock Band Rocks

Nov 13, 2007
Category Investments

My affection for the amazing games from the gang at Harmonix crosses several boundaries, including the well revered financial one.  As an angel investor in Harmonix, I bow down and worship before my entrepreneurial rock gods.

I’ve been waiting patiently anxiously for Harmonix’s new game "Rock Band" (preorder your copy on Amazon: Rock Band – Xbox 360 or Rock Band – PS 3 and help feed this blogger.) 

I’ve seen the Youtube videos and the demo reel.  But the real test was the Boston Globe review which was printed today at Rock Band passes test with real musicians – and amateursThey should have hired me to write the headline – it would have been "Rock Band Rocks."

November 20th is almost here.  Amy is going to thank me for that PS 3 I bought recently.  And – no Ross – I still can’t get you a prerelease copy.  You’ll just have to wait.