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Sunday Morning Political Link Love

Nov 25, 2007
Category Government

Yesterday was a great "very little computer" day that resulted in me reading three books (one great, one 50% great, and one poor that turned into a skimmer.)  More on these later.

I read two things in FeedDemon this morning that spun my head around better than the Sunday morning TV political talk shows could.

First was another post from Jared Polis chronicling his trip to Iraq.  This was was titled Inside a Private Mercenary Compound in Iraq and is better and more authentic than virtually everything you see in the NY Times about life in Iraq.

The second – from a Boulder entrepreneur that I’ve gotten to know named Jenn Ross – is titled Foreign Entrepreneurs and US VisasI’m a huge believer that our current Visa system is completely broken and stories like Jenn’s make me crazy.  There is no rational reason that someone like Jenn – a Canadian no less – should ever have to think or deal with this stuff.

I love the web.  I’d never have the chance to read stuff like this and get stirred up before Amy wakes up if it didn’t exist.