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Views from The Palace

Nov 08, 2007

That got your attention, right?  Actually I am in a place called “The Palace” – a hotel on New Montgomery Street that I always think of as “the Sheraton Commander” (but am not sure that’s right either.)  I won’t be here for long so good luck trying to find the physical instantiation of me today.

Two of my favorite bloggers (and people I adore – both working with and just simply as people) have excellent posts up today that are worth reading.  I’ll start with Dick Costolo’s post titled Have a Company Voice.  Dick is so completely right – I was at a board meeting yesterday and while talking about launch and roll out strategy, I wish I could have simply passed around a copy of this post (jh – hint.)

Fred Wilson has the other great post up this morning (actually – it’s a threesome of posts.)  He’s blogging about historical venture capital performance and his latest is The Rise and Fall Of The Venture BusinessActually, read them in order if you are interested.

  1. VC Fund Performance – Some History
  2. VC Fund Performance – Selection Bias
  3. The Rise and Fall Of The Venture Business

Now, before you respond and say “why is a venture guy spending all this time pulling this data together”, remember that we have investors also.  Fred’s annual meeting is next week and I expect to see some of this information synthesized there.  It’s awesome that he’s sharing this broadly and “thinking out loud” as he works through the data.