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A Bad Microsoft Day

Dec 10, 2007
Category Random

My IT guy Ross has been having his fair share of them lately.  Ross has been blogging about silly Microsoft tricks, including Microsoft you’re about to lose me and Why Microsoft, why?

Ross isn’t limiting himself to bitching about things – he’s also offering useful suggestions such as Disabling Vista auto update.  Plus he’s writing about some obscure stuff such as Installing Vista on a MacBook Pro using Imagex.exe (only obscure if you don’t want to do it!)

I’ll continue to endlessly torture Ross by saying "hey Ross, can you …"  Hopefully he will continue to write about his experiences.  If you have an inner IT guy within your soul, or if you are an end user who just wants to hear about someone who is banging their head on the wall trying to get this crap to work quietly in the background, hang with Ross.