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The Pain of Change

Dec 26, 2007

I’m looking for a new running log.

I’ve been using Cool Running as my log.  They were bought by Active sometime last year.  Last month Active discontinued Cool Running and migrated all the data to Active Trainer.  I was optimistic that Active had thought this through, as I like the Active folks and think they’ve generally done a great job integrating their acquisitions.

To my great disappointment, I discovered that Active Trainer stinks.  Cool Running was 95% of what I wanted to track my running.  Active Trainer is maybe 50%.  Clunky UI, missing data, hard to get at summary information, and a generally crummy user experience.

Oh well.  I’ve been on both sides of buying and selling companies (and web services) and I know that sometimes transitions don’t work out as planned for end users.  In this case I’m too impatient to wait a year for Active to get their service to parity with Cool Running, even if they chose to.  So – it’s time to look for a new running log.

Now – I might not find one.  I might end up staying with Active Trainer.  But I’m going to play the field and see what my options are.

I’m looking for suggestions from any runners (or other folks that track their workouts online) out there.