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Lijit Stats – How I Love Thee

Jan 04, 2008
Category Investments

Lijit released another version of their blog stats.  With each release, the chocolaty goodness of Lijit gets tastier.  I’ve now got a fancy summary page, real time geolocation from Quova (and fun Google Map and Earth integration), a top posts report from integration with AideRSS, and lots more data on my readers and the searches they do.

Oh yeah – stats are the bonus part of the equation.  Lijit’s blog search (and re-search) continues to improve with every monthly release as they tune their proprietary algorithms and eliminate their usage of Google Custom Search (which is nifty, but doesn’t generate publisher focused relevance very well because of its dependence on pagerank.)

2006 was FeedBurner’s year to be the bloggers best friend.  It was an awesomely rewarding experience (and investment.)  I know my friends at Lijit are going to do everything they know how to do in 2008 to make it their year to be the bloggers best friend.

If you are a blogger and aren’t using Lijit for search and stats, give it a shot.