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Lost on Mount Sanitas

Jan 18, 2008

My next marathon is in a couple of weeks so I’ve been logging plenty of miles lately.  I had a 10 mile run scheduled yesterday but it was -5, pitch black, and very windy at my house when I needed to get started so I decided to change things up and do a shorter, more intense run.  So – I drove to the office and ran Mount Sanitas – a mainstay 5 mile loop with serious elevation.

The top 25% was ice (doh).  Since I was wearing regular running shoes, that was entertaining enough, but then I got lost coming down the back side (apparently a common occurrence.)  At some point I realized I was climbing down the side of the mountain.

Oops.  Check the drop at 2.5m.  I descended over 500 ft without making an inch of forward progress.  Yes – it was all ice.

I only fell twice.  My left ankle is sore today, but nothing that’s going to slow me down.  And – I ended up getting in an almost 2 hour run anyway (at the expense of my first meeting of the day – Bijan: thanks for understanding.)