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Slice of Lime Thinks Out Loud

Jan 11, 2008
Category Writing

One of my favorite things about blogging is that it lets you (if you have the courage) think out loud.  As a blogger, you get to try out a bunch of ideas in public.  As a blog reader, you get to see how other people think.

We’ve been working with Kevin Menzie and his gang at Slice of Lime for a long time (since it was just Kevin and Jeff.)  We’ve even got a small investment in them.  They’ve got some of the best ideas and insights of anyone I’ve worked with on the web design front.  I’ve encouraged Kevin to blog more aggressively about what he’s thinking and how they come up with their ideas.

Kevin has started doing this with his posts What Legos Can Teach Us About Web Standards and The Elongating Tail of Return Path.  

Great stuff – keep it up Kevin!