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The NewsGator Feed Archive Service

Jan 25, 2008
Category Investments

In his post titled Feed Archaeology Charlie Wood writes about the little known NewsGator Archive Service.  NewsGator has archived all the RSS feeds that its users have subscribed to since it started.  Since it only archives feeds that users subscribe to, there isn’t a spam / splog problem in the archive.

If your blog magically disappears (like Charlie’s did (due in his case to a server that died) you can easily recover it from the NewsGator Archive Service.  In addition, if you use FeedBurner for your feed, your readers might not even notice.

For the nerds among you, here is the one command (assuming you have curl installed) that Charlie needed to recover his blog content.

curl \ -d \ -d numItems=100 -d sortAscending=TRUE -u uname:pword