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Wandering Around Boulder

Jan 08, 2008
Category Places

I’m getting dressed and about to head out to Boulder Open Coffee Club.  It had been happening at Vic’s on Broadway, but they recently shut down.  Today’s is now at The Cup (1521 Pearl) from 8am to 10am.  The owners – Chris and Wendy – are great folks, it’s a superb venue, and the food is always great.

As I was rolling through my feeds this morning, I noticed a few interesting Boulder-related things.  It starts with Vic’s, and L’Absinthe, and The Reef, and Prima – four restaurants in One Boulder Plaza that abruptly shut down at the end of 2007.  This isn’t a huge surprise to me – they were all chronically empty.  The excuse of "no foot traffic" falls flat on me since they are two blocks away from the Pearl Street Mall.  Something else was wrong, including rents that are probably much too high.  Oh well – less short term choices for food and a reminder that the restaurant business is a bitch.

Then I noticed Gwen Bell’s post on ColoradoStartups that she’s Thrilled to be Back in Boulder. We’re thrilled she’s back also – especially since she’s going to be a regular writer about the Boulder entrepreneurship scene on ColoradoStartups. 

As I type this on my Vista machine, I realize that my "switch to Mac experiment" has failed miserably.  Oh well – at least the Mac is prettier than my Lenovo.  Ross also has configured all my Vista machines to be more Mac-like so at least I can feel like a cross-dresser.  Plus – I get a magic Linux Alt-click and drag enhancement.

Tara – who is one floor above us in Lijit’s office – is having fun talking about the sports bloggers that are using Lijit on their sites.  Lijit is not just for nerds and mommy bloggers – sports bloggers (my favorite is  We Suck at Sports are happily adopting Lijit in droves teams.  Of course, all proud Colorado members of the Red Sox nation need to pay attention to Sox & Dawgs.

We end our day at the Denver Boulder New Tech Meetup at the CU Boulder Law Wolf Law Building.  I’m having dinner with Mike Locatis – the CIO of the State of Colorado and we are going to swing by and hang out at the Tech Meetup first.  Robert Reich of Me.dium has done an amazing job organizing this event series which just gets better every week.

And you thought I was going to talk about what’s going on at CES or Microsoft’s acquisition of Fast Search & Transfer for a whopping $1.2 billion.