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What a CROX

Jan 15, 2008
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I know – blasphemy in Boulder to say anything negative about CROX.  However, I’m just channeling Howard Lindzon, the founder of WallStrip and stock trader extraordinarre.  I don’t know jack about trading in public markets so I just ignore them and let other people do it for me, but it’s fun to watch what guys like Howard write.

In Crocs (CROX) – Case Study … Supply Trumps Demand Howard offers free advice to the management team of Crocs for how to get out of the ditch.

  1. Split 8 for 1. That will confuse and frighten short-sellers.
  2. Give away Crocs at airports all over the world. $20 million worth of Crocs in a weekend bonanza. Just hand them out as people approach the X-Ray machines. Instant customers. Instant.
  3. Announce a share buyback.
  4. Fire their Bankers for no reason. Just say the whores wanted us to dilute you, our wonderful common shareholders in a big public display. Use a Pinata that looks like the Goldman Sachs logo as you ring the opening Bell.

Howard made these suggestions last May.  He then predicted that the stock would roundtrip, which it did.  Wheeee!