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Consumer Internet Innovation In The Enterprise

Feb 11, 2008
Category Technology

I’ve been wandering around telling people that 2008 is the year that all of the consumer Internet innovations we’ve been blessed with exposed to will be finding their way into the enterprise.  The Denver Post has a nice article titled Work, connected by social networking that describes (albeit at a high level) Alpine Access’ implementation of HiveLive.

Knowing HiveLive well (I’m an early personal investor), they are a great example of how this is going to play out.  One of our portfolio companies – Rally Software – has been using HiveLive to power their Agile Commons community for over a year (if you are a practitioner of Agile software development, take a look.)  HiveLive has taken many of the innovations of social networking and reconfigured them in a way that is ideally suited for collaboration inside and across enterprises – and has done it using a SaaS model that is easy to quickly and affordably implement.

Look for a lot more examples of this in 2008.