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Getting It All Done

Feb 01, 2008

I get questions like the following on a regular basis: "I like reading your blog, and I’m amazed that you can get involved with so many things simultaneously and manage to get great results while living a balanced life. Could you talk a little about your time management techniques, and how do you prioritize your daily activities?  I’m sure many readers would appreciate a post on these."

I sat down to write a long answer to this and realized that there is a whole category of self help books on this that takes up a ridiculous amount of floor space at Borders.  I decided that rather than answer this in a blog post, I’d write another crappy time management book.

Not really.  I don’t have time for that.  Nor do I have any interest. 

Whenever I’ve written on work-life balance, I get lots of compliments and thank you emails.  I also know that some of the best blogging I’ve done are series like the term sheet series I wrote several years ago.

So – to try to answer this question, I’m going to start a work-life balance series.  I’ll periodically blog about how I get things done, keep my sanity, and enjoy almost every minute of life.  Some of it will be tools I use, some will be my philosophy, and some will just be me blathering on about something.  Hopefully some of it will be helpful.

For the wiseasses out there, I know that your answer #1 will be "stop reading blogs – they are a waste of your time."  But – I don’t buy this – I learn an enormous amount from the blogs I read (in my own special way which I’ll describe at some point soon.)  Read on – maybe you’ll learn something too.