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Intense Debate Integrates Twitter

Feb 12, 2008
Category Technology

As I wander around in my own little virtual universe, I lovingly look for all the ways the various content I create gets wired together.  I have a twitter account, a blog (well – several), and am using Intense Debate for my comment system of my blog.

imageThe Intense Debate guys just did a neat integration with Twitter.  I had already put my Twitter name (bfeld) into the Intense Debate profile information.  Now – my most recent tweet shows up when you mouse over my picture on an Intense Debate comment. 

You can also go directly to my blog, Facebook, profile, Linkedin profile, and Twitter account.  Now any comments I leave a on a blog using Intense Debate is subtly getting wired into my social network.

Next up – look for Lijit to start indexing this data also (hint to the gang on the third floor of 1050 Walnut.)