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Lisa Loeb and the Brilliance of Wikipedia

Feb 18, 2008

On my way into the office this morning, I heard Stay by Lisa Loeb on the radio. When I was growing up in Dallas, my parents were friends with Lisa’s parents and I was friends (for a little while) with Lisa’s brother Ben.  Lisa was my brother Daniel’s age but they / we didn’t go to the same school so we rarely saw each other.

When I got to the office I typed Lisa Loeb into Wikipedia and quickly caught up on her musical career (both good and bad), her old boyfriends, and her TV experience.  I also found out that she collects Hello Kitty stuff which I probably could have inferred from her choice in glasses, but was pleased to see confirmed by the brilliance of Wikipedia.

I decided to look up another childhood friend that is now a rock star – Aaron Comess (the drummer for the Spin Doctors.)  Again, the Comesses were friends of my parents, Aaron was my brother’s age, and for a while I was friends with Andy – we didn’t go to school together, but I think we went to Sunday school (the Dallas reformed Jewish version of religious school) together.  Unlike Lisa, Aaron doesn’t rate his own Wikipedia page. 

Pretty cool – my bro hung out with two rock stars when he was a teenager.  And Wikipedia helped bring back some memories while catching me up on the last 20 years.