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Silicon Flatirons Event on Innovation, IP, and Entrepreneurship

Feb 24, 2008
Category Education

On March 4th at the CU Boulder Law School, there is another great event on Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Entrepreneurship in the Information Industries.  The panelists include folks such as:

  • Don Elliman – Exec Director of Colorado Office of Economic Development
  • Paul Jacobs – CEO of Qualcomm
  • David Goodfriend – VP of Echostar
  • Richard Green – CEO of Cablelabs
  • Don Gips – GVP of Level 3
  • Jason Mendelson – Managing Director of Foundry Group

Phil Weiser – who hosts these events – is really on a roll this year.

Also, the transcript on The Entrepreneurial University: What the University of Colorado has to learn from MIT and Stanford is up on the web.  Read carefully and learn how 20% and one day out of six can mean the same thing.