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The Boulder Louisville Digital Divide

Feb 04, 2008
Category Places

There is a magic spot on Highway 36 between Boulder and Louisville where 99.4% of all cell phone calls drop.  While on a call tonight, the person I was talking to went through this magic spot.  Our call dropped.

I called him back 30 seconds later.  We continued our call after having a chuckle about the inevitability of a dropped cell phone call at that particular spot on 36.

My friend suggested that it is further evidence of the unique cosmic forces around here.  We are found of saying that Boulder is 25 square miles surrounded by reality.  We concluded that there is a wormhole on 36 that one goes through during the transition from Louisville to Boulder.  This is the only explanation that we could come up for the reason that the mega-amazing-cell-phone companies can’t figure out how to do a handoff from one cell to the next at this particular spot in the universe.