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The Sedona Marathon

Feb 09, 2008

I spent the morning and early afternoon running the Sedona Marathon.  That was easily the most difficult physical thing I’ve ever done.  But I finished.  That’s me and Herb (who thoroughly kicked my ass) rejoicing together.

5:47.  A new personal worst.  There was nothing pretty about it, but I got it done.  I was in decent shape and before I saw the course thought sub-5:00 would be pretty straightforward.  We drove the course the day before and I started thinking sub-6:00 was a better goal.

It was an out and back course.  Yes – that’s a three mile downhill before and a three mile uphill after the halfway mark.

This is an even more exciting chart.  Note the amount of +/- 10%-15% grade.  I haven’t seen the final times, but my understanding is the winner was around 3:00 (last years winner was 2:55.)  Herb nailed it at 4:14. 

Something happened between 18 and 20 and my left knee blew up.  I’ve had a tight IT band for the past few weeks and have been being careful on it.  I must have stepped on a rock funny because suddenly I had real pain in my left knee.  I struggled on for a mile or so but was reduced to a walk at mile 20.  At this point a sub 5:00 was long gone so I was just determined to finish.  Which I did.

Herb’s wife Terry did the half marathon (her first) and came in right on schedule at 2:28.  After showers and ice, we all went out for mexican food, tequila shots, and beers.  I expect I’ll be in bed by 9:00.

My next marathon is in eight weeks (4/13/08) in Washington State (Whidbey Island) assuming my knee is ok.  I’m focusing my training (and diet) on getting comfortably sub 5:00 for this next one as 5:47 is way too long to be running.