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Book: Beverly Hills Dead

Mar 22, 2008
Category Books

I haven’t been reading much lately – I just haven’t felt like it.  I’m usually a two to three book a week person so my dry spell has been a little odd, but I’ve rolled with it. 

Today I snuggled into the couch with my dogs, my Kindle, and Stuart Woods latest book – Beverly Hills Dead.  Woods is one of my top five "mental floss" writers.  I was finished it a couple of hours later and am pleased that my reading drought is over.

In Beverly Hills Dead Woods winds the clock back to the 1940’s and post-World War II Hollywood.  The book works through the story of the early days of Woods’ characters Rick Barron and Vance Calder.  The story and intrigue is good, but I especially liked the Hollywood anti-communist theme that the book was built around as it nicely complimented Good Night, and Good Luck.

While there is nothing special here if you aren’t a Stuart Woods fan, if you are looking for mental floss, give Woods a shot.