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Rally Software Is Looking For Salespeople

Mar 27, 2008
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Time to actually figure out the real job board thing on this blog since I’m now posting job notices a couple of times a week (feel free to comment if you provide these things and I’ll try them out and pick one.)  There has been plenty of response to the job postings so I assume those of you that don’t care are just filtering them out and those of you that do are appreciating them!

Rally Software is actively recruiting sales people.  On Thursday April 17th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm they are having a Sales Recruiting – Speed Interviewing event.  It’s happening at Bacaro at 921 Pearl Street in Boulder. 

Over the past few years, Rally has grown to be one of the largest and fastest growing software companies in Boulder.  They recently passed 100 people on their way to 150 at the end of this year.  I’ve worked with them from the beginning – it’s an awesome team that is just crushing it.  Send a note if you are a sales hunter who wants to join a winner.

P.S. Hey mom – notice that I used "who" correctly this time instead of "that."  Special bonus points.