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Rally Wins the Jolt Award – Again

Mar 06, 2008
Category Investments

This is the third year in a row that Rally Software has won the Jolt Product Excellence Award in the Project Management Tools category.  The Jolt awards are one my favorite nerd awards handed out by Dr. Dobb’s Journal

If you are a software developer and have the word "agile" in your vocabulary, you should take a serious look at Rally’s products.  I’ve been an investor in the company almost since inception and am tickled whenever I think about the amazing job the team at Rally has made in nailing the next wave of application lifecycle management.  When Rally was starting out in 2001, there was a lot of "Agile what?" from people.  Now Agile and software development – and Rally – are rapidly becoming synonymous.

Rally just issued its 2008.1 release which – among other things – includes new integration connectors for IBM Rational ClearQuest, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, and Seapine TestTrackPro.  Who says you need to replace your software tooling to really go agile?