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TrainingPeaks is My New Running Software

Mar 20, 2008

Recently I bitched about Active’s "upgrade" of CoolRunning (which they acquired) to Active Trainer.  I loved CoolRunning; I hated Active Trainer.  Oh well – life with software.

I went on a search for a new running log.  I got a wide range of great suggestions from readers of this blog.  Thank you to everyone who commented – I tried almost all of the systems.

TrainingPeaks wins.  It is spectacular and worth every penny.  In addition, the folks running the company are incredible responsive – they didn’t have a specific CoolRunning importer, but I sent them my data and a week later all of it automagically appeared in my TrainingPeaks log as though I’d be using it from the beginning.

Their log software is superb (and entirely web based, which is a requirement for me.)  They have awesome mapping software and data visualization with the software and several client side products for importing all your data from your watch (I use a Garmin Forerunner 305 and it works perfectly) as well as a new release of the WKO+ software which provides extensive data analysis for data nerds like me.

My hat is off to the TrainingPeaks guys – what a great product.  As a special bonus they are based in Colorado.  I can once again satisfy my data obsessed running desires.