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Art in Dallas

Apr 04, 2008

I’ve been told that my blogging pace is often a hint as to what I’m up to.  When my pace stalls, it either means I’m on vacation or deep into a deal.  To those that notice, I say "good observation."

I’ve spent the last three days running around Dallas with Amy and my parents looking at art.  Amy and I are patrons of the Davis Museum at Wellesley College where Amy went to college.  Every year they have a Patrons Trip to a major city to see private collections as well as the local museums.  This year’s trip was to Dallas (where I grew up) so we "patronized" my parents and included them on our trip.

Amy has a nice post up about what we did on Wednesday.  Yesterday was a trip to Ft. Worth to see the museums – we skipped out on the tour and did it ourselves.  Today was an awesome visit to the Rose’s house and the Hoffman’s house – two of the three amazing collectors and Dallasites who have donated their entire collections (over 800 pieces) to the Dallas Museum of Art when they die.


That’s my dad and Amy at the Rose’s pump house.  In addition the great art, we got to see some incredible architecture.  We’re now both wasted (I’d take a picture of Amy fast asleep in a chair next to me at the Admirals Club waiting for our two hour delayed flight from DFW, but I might wake her up) from a whirlwind three days as we get ready to head to NY for the weekend.