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I Love Email

Apr 28, 2008

Email.  Email.  Email.

My partner Chris Wand just put up a post titled Did Darwin Skip Over Email?  Every now and then the "Email is dead" meme makes the rounds and lights up TechMeme.  The right answer isn’t that "email is dead"; it’s that new and exciting stuff is happening around the use of "messaging" and it’s time for some new innovation.

For those of you who suggest that I switch all my email over to Facebook, I say to you "Laugh-a-while you can, Monkey Boy."

If I had to do all my "messaging" in Facebook, that’s what would happen to me. And since Lithium is no longer on credit, I doubt I’d be very pleasant to deal with.  Rather than facing this reality, help us help out by bringing us your new email (ahem – or messaging if you want to be politically correct) innovations.