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Interesting Stuff on A New York Monday Morning

Apr 07, 2008

I’m about to head out for a loop around Central Park and I thought I’d leave you with a few things to look at on the web before I split.

  • PLT Scheme: Since my I Love Lisp post, I’ve been wondering when a version of Scheme would pop up into my consciousness.  It has.
  • Trapster: Real time speed trap Google maps mashup.  This could be useful for those of us that have cars that go over 150 mph.
  • Vermont Telecommunications Authority Residence Connectivity Map: Speaking of Google maps mashups, this one is awesome.  This is a user-generated map by Vermont citizens of their Internet connectivity.  Not "what they could have" but "what they actually have – self reported."  Fantastic.
  • Why Am I Passing: I’ve been referring plenty of folks to my Why Am I Passing post lately (usually in response to the question "can you tell me more about why you are passing.")  Larry Nelson recently interviewed me about this in case you’d rather hear it in my own words (buried in the middle is the story of our investment in Dante Group and my partner Seth telling me I was being stupid.)
  • MIT in Transition: A Student Advisory Report Worth Revisiting: If you are an MIT grad (or more importantly, an MIT professor, administrator, or member of the MIT corporation’s board), please read carefully the report from Joost Bonson, Barun Singh, and Harel Williams titled MIT in Transition: Student Perspectives on MIT’s Legacy Strengths, Emerging Challenges, and Future Directions.

If you are really bored and have access to a physical copy of the New York Times, take a look at the two page ad on pages A10-A11 headlined Save the U.S. Patent, Now!  It’s The Heart and Soul of America’s Economic System.  Take special note of how the nice people that put the charts together singled out the IT industry.  Then go reconcile the thoughts in your mind.