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Making Email Connections at an Early Age

Apr 08, 2008

I spend plenty of time making connections between people.  Email has certainly made this a lot easier.  One of my best friends – Warren Katz (the founder / CEO of Mak Technologies) recently send me some prehistoric emails that he had saved from me demonstrating that even when I was in my mid 20’s, I was using email to connect people.  Note the Compuserve email address – can you remember your Compuserve (or Source) address?  And yes – the Compuserve address bounces now.

Subject: Scott Instruments
Date: 10 Sep 92 17:38:38 EDT
From: Bradley Feld <
To: Warren Katz


I sent a letter to a company in Denton, TX called Scott Instruments and suggested they give you a call. This is a company that was co-founded by my first "business mentor" — a guy named Gene Scott. They are a voice recognition company that is based on technology developed by Gene’s son Brian (Brian is VP of R&D). They are a small company (20 or so people) that are primarily in the technology development and licensing business. They have deals with a number of companies, including Silicon Graphics.

I met with them last week when I was in Dallas. Their current CEO is a guy named Marvin Preston who also has his own business working with developing technology companies (Scott Instruments is his current client). He’s a super neat guy, and lives in Princeton, NJ (and has a daughter at MIT). I thought you might benefit by being hooked up with these guys in some way. When I mentioned virtual reality, everyone’s eyes lit up. I’ll send over a copy of their marketing stuff for you.

… Bradley