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Ping Pong Makes Your Smarter

Apr 05, 2008

Today’s article in the NY Times titled Ping-Pong as Mind Game (Although a Good Topspin Helps) is dedicated to all my ping pong friends at TechStars.  When I was young (say – 10 – 14) and played a serious game of tennis, I was also a dedicated ping pong player.  While I’m left handed, I learned to play tennis (and ping pong) right handed.  I was once really good and it shows about every ten shots (in both sports.)  Every now and then I’ll pick up a ping pong paddle and give someone that plays all the time a run for their money, but I’m too inconsistent a player to do anything other than make my opponent bring their real game to put me away.  As a result, I’m going to stick to Gnip Gnop.