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Good Morning, Vietnam

May 07, 2008
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Yeah – that was one of my favorite movies of my youth – I’ve always loved Mork.  I guess that’s part of the reason I moved to Boulder.  The title of this post is nonsensical – I just wrote what came to mind because this is going to be another of my "here’s what I found interesting on the web this morning" posts.  I’ve got six for you today instead of five.  Going forward, these will be categorized as "Daily Reading" although of course you can search for magic words that you remember via my Lijit Search Wijit on the sidebar.

Starting a High-Technology Startup: While it’s not a terribly exciting title, it’s a great article by Ben Casnocha for eJournal USA about starting a company.  I adore Ben and think he’s an extraordinary young man.  It’s an article.

Angel Financing: Todd Vernon, the CEO of Lijit, nails how an angel financing works.  I get asked questions about angel financings all the time.  Todd’s post is going to now be one of my standard "go read this" things.  If you are raising an angel financing, thinking about it, or just want one entrepreneurs very thorough view about it, here it is.

Doing Business with the Semi-Permeable Corporation: Greg Cohn of Yahoo has a comprehensive post on his view of the challenges "of doing external relationship development in the current tech environment from inside the walls of a public company."  I’ve known Greg for a while, have great respect for him, and think he accomplishes this really well.  It’s also a good counter article to all the snark going around the system about Yahoo right now.

The Art Market’s Stealth Correction: If you collect art like Amy and I do, you know that there has been massive value appreciation (inflation?) in a wide range of art, especially post-impressionism stuff.  Well – what goes up can go down and the Art Market might be more tightly linked to the Housing Market – just more quietly.  Pop?

Publisher Spotlight: Go2Web2.0: I am a shameless pimp promoter of my portfolio companies.  Lijit is one of my favorites (although I love all my children equally).  Lijit regularly profiles some of its publishers (taking a page from FeedBurner’s playbook).  Orli Yakuel – who writes Go2Web2.0 has a good overview of why she likes (and uses) Lijit.  Yeah – I know – I snuck this one in – but hey – if you have a blog and don’t yet use Lijit you can’t get one of their cool stickers yet.  Try it.

WallStrip: 5-7-08 Yahoo and Microsoft… the Postmortem: Apparently when you wander around the streets of NY, everyone you run into is an expert on tech M&A.  I like Julie Alexandria, but I sure miss Lindsey and Howard’s walks around NY.

Good morning.