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Online Reading For A Three Day Weekend

May 24, 2008
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I love three day weekends – there is something magical about the complete change of pace a three day weekend has on the United States.  I really wish we’d take a page from some other countries and turn these into four day weekends (that go from Friday to Monday) but I’ll savor my delicious three day weekends anyway.

I’m getting ready to head out for a two hour run but thought I’d leave you with some interesting reading from my morning (yes – even when I’m enjoying a three day weekend I go ahead and do my morning routine, albeit a little later then the normal 5am slot.)

What’s The Greatest Software Ever Written?an oldie but a goodie via Tim O’Reilly via Twitter!  Microsoft, Apple, and Google only have one each in the top 12.  IBM has two, Bell Labs has one, and Sun has 1.5.  Great, provocative list.

Why can’t you create a calendar from your email?Pete Warden’s rants and thoughts on email are super.  We tried this once in the late 1990’s with a company called Neomeo which wasn’t successful as a standalone, but it was acquired by Postini shortly after our investment in Postini, which subsequently became a huge success.  It’s insane that it’s 2008 and I’m still dragging emails onto a calendar icon to manually create a calendar entry.

How to read a business book – Even though I find all business books to be 50% to 75% too long, I still read some.  Seth Godin has some fantastic tips for how to actually read a business book and get value out of them.  As a special bonus, Seth tells you how you could have a chance to be on the cover of (his) new book.

– Business Development in a Web 2.0 World – Micah Baldwin has been kicking ass running business development at Lijit.  His ideas are worth reading.

If you are in the US, happy memorial day.  Don’t twitter to much – make sure you go to a bbq instead.  If you are running the Bolder Boulder, I’ll see you there along with 52,998 of our friends.