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Politicians Give Me A Headache

May 22, 2008
Category Government

I don’t write much about politics on this blog.  Like father, like son – politicians (and politics) give me a headache.  However, I love to pimp my father’s blog and he’s got a great post up today titled John McCain Describes His Health Plan; In Reality A Non Health Plan. 

For the past few months, my dad – a retired endocrinologist and now healthcare pundit – has been inspecting, dissecting, and commenting on what the various presidential candidates have been saying about healthcare.  He’s got plenty of stuff on Obama, Clinton, and McCain.  It’s a compendium of uniformly dismal, sad, and disappointing non-solutions. 

While he doesn’t write short posts, if you are interested in original thinking in this area from someone who has a lifetime of experience practicing, thinking about, helping to reform, and experience the healthcare system, you should spend some time with Stan Feld’s Repairing the Healthcare System

As a special bonus, if you are involved in the Obama campaign and want some tips, I know Stan is game to help.