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The Long List of Interesting Stuff This Morning

May 02, 2008
Category Writing

It’s Friday and there’s a remarkable amount of interesting stuff that came out of my morning "catch up on blog / email" routine.  I was going to write a couple of different blogs, but then realized that I didn’t have a lot to add to any of them other than "read this – it’s interesting."  There are a few "linkblogs" that I follow, but I find many break down quickly and become just "lists of more stuff."

I’m curious – if I started linking to the top few things (up to five – of any sort) that I read each morning with a brief description, would this be interesting to you dear reader? This is coming from the set of 500 or so blogs I scan via FeedDemon each morning.  Please give me feedback – do you like this or is it just another ponderous set of links to ignore.

Let’s try it and see.

Rock-and-Roll Fantasy: A fun article in Newsweek about Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy – the two founders of Harmonix – and how they are changing videogames.  They also got a well deserved mention in Time’s 100 Top Techies.

A Sporting Gesture Touches ‘Em All: This is a beautiful story about something that I expect would never happen in baseball, but happened in a college girls softball game. 

Data Centers Are Becoming Big Polluters, Study Finds: I brought this up as an example at a CU Silicon Flatirons Roundtable I was part of yesterday.  I got it slightly wrong – the punchline is that the world’s data centers are projected to surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter by 2020.

More Signup Power: Bill Flagg of RegOnline talks about how he has continuously optimized the RegOnline signon page to maximize the conversion rate.  Web services companies – take notice.

Tomorrow’s Forecast: Cloudy Skies & Sunshine: Jud Valeski – the CTO and co-founder of Gnip (one of our new companies) writes about his first blush experiences with Amazon Web Services (AWS for those of you in the know.)