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Rambling Instead of Running

Jun 11, 2008
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Some idiot (me) scheduled a 7am breakfast meeting on a day when he had a six mile run scheduled.  Have you ever tried to get up at 4am (after going to sleep at 11:30pm) to get ready to go for a six mile run.  Nope – it doesn’t happen.  So – I gave up on the idea of a run and just did my morning email / web / blog routine.  I’m running a marathon next weekend anyway so I’m supposed to be tapering (ahem).

As a result, I have some morning reading for you.

Law Firm 2.0 – Why can’t financings be easier and cheaper? My partner Jason has been writing a great series he calls "Law Firm 2.0".  He holds no punches with his provocative thoughts.  The feedback has been amazing – entrepreneurs love it, some lawyers publicly hate it but privately love it, and some lawyers just hate it.  He keeps going and – IMHO – keeps nailing important issues.

Google visits TechStars: David Cohen put up a nice summary of Google Day and Andrew Hyde has one of my favorite segments of Kevin Marks talk on How Not to be Viral up on video. Kevin shows some subtle (and not so subtle) brilliance in this segment.  While you are at it spin over to the TechStars Community Site and join and take a look at the great early TechStars coverage from Monday in the Daily Camera (TechStars’ second coming) and the Rocky Mountain News (Looking for the next tech star)

iRobot enters the undersea robot market: In the unfortunately long category of "damnit – I should have made that investment" comes a cool new product from my friends at iRobot. 

Google Co-Founder Books a Space Flight: Seriously awesome.