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Symplified Joins the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

Jun 16, 2008

And then there were 19.  Symplified has joined the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. 

Symplified was founded last year by Eric Olden, Jonti McLaren, and Darren Platt.  Eric and Jonti were previously the co-founders of Securant which was acquired in 2001 by RSA Security for $140m (if you remember 2001, then you’ll realize that this was quite an accomplishment.) 

I met Eric last fall as we were still raising our new fund.  He was on the verge of closing a financing and we just weren’t in a position to engage seriously since he had the financing effectively lined up.  As we got to know each other, I mentioned the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado and he got it immediately.

Eric got Josh Forman, Symplified’s VP of Customer Care & Operations, in the mix and Symplified was actually one of the first ten EFCO members.  They decided to hold off announcing their involvement until they launched.  However, from the beginning Josh got deeply engaged in what EFCO was up to and last month we invited him to join the EFCO board.

I’m psyched that Symplified has both launched and gone public with their commitment to EFCO, especially since both of their VC investors – Granite Ventures and Allegis Capital – are based in the bay area.  Thanks to everyone for their support. 

We’ve signed up two more EFCO in the past few days so we are looking forward to announcing #20 and #21.  In the mean time, if you are interested in learning more about EFCO, take a look at the website or drop me an email