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Ted’s Demise and The Kindle’s Rise

Jun 05, 2008
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It’s another raining day in Boulder (weird) – maybe I’ll go to Boston tonight.  Oh – I heard it was raining there also.  I bet they don’t get hail in June.  Today’s reading is sponsored by Ted – the airline that never made any sense to me and is finally going away.

– The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article on Gates-Ballmer’s history including the headliner Gates-Ballmer Clash Shaped Microsoft’s Coming Handover.  The subarticles and videos also provide some great context on the past and current reality.

– My dad tells the story going to Yankee Stadium in 1948 during on a Saturday that was underwritten by the Herald Tribute Fresh Air Fund.  He snuck his six year old brother Charlie in and had a blast. If you have kids, read the article and answer the question my dad asks at the end – "Can any of you imagine giving your kids the opportunity to do all that at the new Yankee Stadium next year in 2009?"  I was excited about the idea of going to the Red Sox game on Friday night (thanks Don Dodge) – now I’m all in.

– Another friend – Doyle Albee – talks about Living with the Kindle: 30 Days Later.  It’s a good short strength / weakness summary.  I continue to love my Kindle with my affection growing with every use.

– Brilliant (but long) article in Vanity Fair about Inventing the InternetAl Gore is included in it.

– If you comment on my blog and are a twitter user, you can now Twitter Your Comment as a result of the IntenseDebate integration with Twitter.  If you have a blog and are not using IntenseDebate for your comments, give it a try.  While you are at it, install Lijit on your site for search (including integration with IntenseDebate, so you can include your comments in your search results on your blog.)  Send me an email when you’ve done this and I’ll send you some virtual love.