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The Bear Blogs

Jun 12, 2008

When I ask someone what animal they visualize themselves I am often surprised.  Not so with Dan Caruso – he is unambiguously a bear (That’s my animal also – you’ll understand this if you ever see me and Dan standing next to each other.)


Since October, Dan has been doing a great job of blogging at BearOnBusiness and now has a must read entrepreneur blog.  If you don’t know Dan, he was an SVP at MFS (bought by WorldCom), went on to be part of the founding team at Level 3, with a group of investors acquired, turned around, and sold ICG, and is now doing another telecom infrastructure consolidation called Zayo Group (one of the best recently funded / founded companies in Colorado.)  He’s also an investor in a bunch of companies, including folks like Envysion (who also happen to have a good blog.)

If you are looking for a new / fresh entrepreneur blog to add to your blogroll, give BearOnBusiness a try.