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What, Why, Virtualization, Widgets, and Semantic Search

Jun 01, 2008
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Lots of good stuff from my friends this weekend.  I’ve been periodically doing this daily reading thing – hopefully you like it.  Feel free to flame me in the comments if you don’t; give me positive feedback if you do.

What, Why, Can and How – Deciding on the Next Business Idea: Paul Berberian’s last business – Zuzingo – didn’t work.  He blogged eloquently about what didn’t work in his post Tango Blue.   Now he’s written a great post talking about how he’s thinking about the next thing.

The Importance of Virtualization: Mike Merideth – the director of IT at Lijit – gets down and dirty and talks about why / how they use virtualization.

Widget Analytics: Widget stats are seriously wrong – often overstating what is going on and what the real impact of things are.  NewsGator has been systematically increasing the quality of their widget stats and are trying to help widget publishers understand what is really going on.

Gnip’s Head is in the Clouds: My friends at Gnip have decided to go all out and use AWS/EC2. Jud talks about some of the issues and what he wants to see out of AWS.

Semantic Search; The Myth and Reality: Alex Iskold of AdaptiveBlue applies his very big brain to the program of Semantic Search and describes both the myth and the reality.  The punch line – it’s all about the UI.