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In The Stupid Patent Advertising Category

Aug 21, 2008
Category Technology

It’s DNC time in Denver and all kinds of weird advertisements are popping up all over the place, including the airport.  My partner Jason sent me a photo of this one today with the heading "Puke".


I put this in the "you’ve got to be fucking kidding me" category.  Let’s break it down.  Here are the messages:

  • Life Liberty and the Pursuit of More Patents
  • Averaging 2 Patent Applications Per Day
  • Official Wireless provider for the Democratic National Convention

Let me guess – AT&T is positioning themselves as a key supporter of no patent reform.  Or, maybe AT&T is positioning themselves as key advocators of patenting everything under the sun.  Maybe they are advocating that they should give their engineers bonuses for every patent they file.  Maybe they are trying to say that a good democracy has lots and lots of patents.  What ARE they trying to say?

Regardless we know that big companies can submit lots and lots of patents.  Hey AT&T – two applications per day isn’t actually all that many anymore!  How about telling us about some of the real innovation you are doing. 

Actually, can you just spend some time improving your 3G network so my iPhone calls don’t drop as often?