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The Upcoming Idaho Marathon

Aug 20, 2008

Marathon #12 is on Saturday.  I’ll be running the Mesa Falls Marathon in Ashton, Idaho.  157 people ran it last year so it’s a deliciously small one.  I’ve been training with a new coach – Gary Ditsch – for the past six weeks with a goal of ultimately getting below 4 hours.  My goal for Mesa Falls is sub-4:45 which given my training and how I feel should be achievable.

If you recall from my last marathon (a mere two months ago in Duluth) I’m now running to raise money for the Accelerated Cure Project.  My goal is to have raised $100,000 at the end of running 50 marathons ($2,000 / marathon); to date I’ve raised $2,375.

As a result of my two anchor sponsors – Return Path and Pixie Mate – I’ve already got $1,250 in the bag as Return Path is contributing $1,000 and Pixie Mate is contributing $250.  So – all I need from you dear readers is another $750 of contributions to make my goal for this marathon.  Any amount will do.

Thanks in advance for Matt Blumberg, the CEO of Return Path who will be running the second half of the race with me with the explicit goal of getting me across the finish line sub-4:45.  And finally, thanks to Amy for putting up with all of this marathon nonsense.