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Are You A Software Developer? Apply To Be Wined and Dined In Boulder!

Sep 29, 2008
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I’ve lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1995.  Six months after Amy and I moved her, we realized this would be our home for the rest of our life.  When I moved here I had no expectation that I’d ever do any work here as most of my entrepreneurial and investing activity up to that point was in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

Between 1996 and 2000 the Boulder software / Internet scene grew.  A lot.  The crash of the Internet bubble slowed things down some but they came roaring back starting in 2003.  Boulder is rocking today and – once again – there is way more demand for super amazing software developers than there is supply.

A bunch of local companies – including Aegis Analytical, EventVue, Filtrbox, Fuser, Gnip, HiveLive, Me.dium, Printfection, Rally Software, Return Path, and socialthing! – have gotten together to create a job fair on October 27-31. 

This is not your ordinary job fair.  If you think you are a rock star developer, apply here.  The top 100 will be chosen and flown out to Boulder – all expenses covered – to interview with all of the companies involved, get wined and diner (and hiked and biked) around Boulder. 

If you are really bold, stick around over the weekend and come to Defrag 2008 in downtown Denver and use the discount code foundry1 for a $300 discount.  I promise you that you’ll never think of Boulder/Denver the same way again.