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Foodzie – Online Marketplace for Artisan Foods

Sep 02, 2008
Category Techstars

We’ve done TechStars for two years now.  While I love every company involved, each year I’ve had a major crush on one particular company.  This year it was Foodzie.

I liked Rob, Emily, and Nik from the minute I met them at TechStars for a Day.  They came up to me and offered me chocolate. Brilliant.  They then explained that they were creating an online marketplace for artisan food producers and growers. Their target customer are foodies.  As a foodie (and major consumer of artisan foods – just look at my body shape even after running all the marathons I do) I totally got it.

They did a great job this summer honing their business, working out logistics and pricing, and getting their first few producers up and running.  Are you a chocolate lover – give Seth Ellis Chocolatier a try.  Popcorn anyone – how about Boulder Popcorn?  And organic tea – try Tetulia Teas.

Having contributed to the very long list of potential artisan food producers that the Foodzie crew is testing (where "testing" means eating stuff and making sure it’s really good) I can assure you that there is a bunch of great stuff coming.

If you are an artisan food producer – or know one – and want to get connected with Foodzie, drop Emily an email.  If you love to eat, cruise the Foodzie site.  And – if you like food porn, take a look at the Foodzie blog.