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Neal Stephenson In Boulder

Sep 30, 2008
Category Education

Tomorrow is October 1st.  I love the first day of every month as it starts the monthly cycle anew.  Amy and I go out for "life dinner" almost every month on the 1st, exchange gifts with each other (I have a great one for her this month), reflect on the previous month, and talk about what we are working on and going to accomplish in the new month.

Tomorrow night we were going to have a nice dinner at Black Cat and just chill out.  However, I just found out – via a tweet from Jeff Herman – that Neal Stephenson is in town for a talk and book signing (for Anathem) at the Boulder Book Store.  Since Stephenson is one of our favorite contemporary writers, our plans have now shifted to a quick sushi dinner before hand followed by a Stephenson-worship session.

Come join us (at the book store – not at sushi) at 7:30pm at the Boulder Book Store on the Pearl Street Mall.  Watch as Amy asks Stephenson when he decided to stop doing email (if you don’t get the reference, there is a fabulous Stephenson essay on his blog titled Why I am a Bad Correspondent.)