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TechStars Demo Day in Mountain View, CA

Sep 09, 2008
Category Techstars

We’ve just wrapped up our second year of doing TechStars and I’m really excited about some of the companies that have come out of the program this year.  We held a Demo and Investor Day in Boulder on August 20th, and 150+ investors showed up to see the ten new companies from 2008. It’s always a fun event where investors get to see some really interesting early stage web companies. I expect at least 7 or 8 of the 2008 companies will eventually close their seed rounds, which is similar to what we saw last year.

This year, we’re going to try adding something new.  We’ll be taking about a dozen of the twenty TechStars companies (from 2007 and 2008) on the road to Silicon Valley where we’ll be doing a demo day on September 23rd. These are the companies who are currently raising money and that already have some committed investment. Some of the companies are the new ones from 2008, but some of last years companies including Filtrbox, EventVue, Intense Debate,, and Brightkite will be presenting as well. These are fun 10 minute pitches and attendees will get to see all twelve companies in the morning. We’ll wrap up with lunch and some networking.

If you are an accredited angel investor or VC, or if you know someone who might like to attend on the morning of September 23rd, just drop me a note and I’ll be sure to get you an invitation to the event. I hope to see you there – it should be a fun day.