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Gnip v2.0 Launches

Oct 03, 2008
Category Investments

Earlier this week, Gnip put v2.0 of their service into production.  TechCrunch has a nice post up titled Gnip 2.0 Launches, With A Business Model

Gnip 2.0 has four big new features.

  1. Full data is now available.
  2. Filters are now available (and are a super set of "collections").
  3. Data producers can now publish to Gnip via ATOM, REST, or XMPP.
  4. Data consumers can now get activities via REST and XMPP.

If none of that means anything to you, that’s ok.  Shane Pearson, Gnip’s new VP of Products translates it into "more English" in his post titled What we are up to at Gnip

If you are a developer, wander over to the Gnip API v2.0 spec and take a look.