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Loving Brightkite for the iPhone

Oct 25, 2008
Category Techstars

One of the TechStars 2007 companies is Brightkite.  Brightkite is a real time location-based social network.  I travel a lot and have always wanted an easy way to broadcast where I am at any given time.

Brightkite is the solution.  While their mobile UI is very good, when I’m traveling the general mobile performance via a web browser has been slow enough to prevent me from using it consistently.

Brightkite just released their iPhone app.  It is incredible.  It integrates brilliantly with all of the iPhone thingys (geolocation, maps, directions), is fast, and clean.

If you want to follow where I am, I’m going to start using it regularly.  I’m bfeld (like I am on most services).  If you need an invite, feel free to email me – I’ve got plenty of them.

Brightkite guys – nicely done.  You’ve been doing an awesome job but you really nailed it with this release.